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Tanning FAQs: Welcome

Can anyone have a spray tan?

Yes. Spray tanning is suitable for nearly everyone, even someone who's pregnant. However, if you're unsure if it's ok for you, please contact us to discuss.

Do I need to prepare for my spray tan?

Yes, to get a even, long lasting tan you do need to do some prep. 

  • Any hair removal treatments such as shaving or waxing should be performed at least 24hr before the appointment.

  • It is recommended that you exfoliate your skin all over before your tan to remove any dead skin and so your tan stays on longer.

  • Don't wear and products on your skin when you come in for your tan, such as moisturiser, deodorant, perfume or make-up. These can create a barrier between your skin and the spray tan and make your tan patchy.

  • You'll want to bring with you something you'll feel comfortable wearing during the spray tan. That might be dark coloured swimmers, dark underwear or the provided disposable g-string we'll give you. You are also always welcome to go completely naked during your spray to avoid any tan lines.  

  • Also bring along something to wear after your appointment such as loose trackies, a baggy t-shirt and some thongs. Any tight clothing such as bra's, leggings and tight singlets can rub on your skin while your tan is developing leaving uneven results.

What colours do you have?

We have 4 different shades of spray tan ranging from Light to Double Dark, we can also mix the colours together to customise your colour. Once you have been sprayed, we will note the colour choice you had, so that next time you come in, we'll know exactly which one you prefered.

I don't tan often and don't want to be too dark, what are my options?

Our Light spray tan colour is the most perfect shade of 'just kissed glow' that we LOVE for first timers, paler skinned people and those just wanting a non-obvious, pick me up to their skin. It gives colour to the skin without being super obvious that you've had a spray tan, it's that natural looking.

Spray tanning - how does it work?

The active ingredient DHA colours the top layer of skin on your body giving you a tanned look.

Want a more detailed answer?

The proteins in the top layer of your skin cells react with the DHA and this causes the cosmetic tan effect – the skin changes to a golden brown colouring (as dark as you choose and depending on your skin type) which looks just like a a natural tan.

Is spray tanning safe?

Yes! DHA has been approved for cosmetic use by the TGA, the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration.

DHA is non-toxic and non-carcinogenic. It is actually made from sugar or sugarbeets and is also used in the food industry.

Spray tanning with DHA as the active tanning agent is approved and recommended by all the major medical associates and skin cancer associations around the world.

Will spray tanning make me look orange?

Not at all! The orange-ness is either the result of the old-school days of cosmetic tanning - tanning pills, and older style tanning agents or perhaps the kind of fake tan products you can buy and use at home.

At a professional tanning salon like Brazilian Body, you will get nothing less than a professional spray tan, with a completely natural golden brown tanned tone!

How long will my spray tan last?

Spray tans affects the outer layer of your skin, and as that layer sheds in its natural cycle, your spray tan will fade as well.

Your spray tan will usually last between 5-10 days, but will last longer if you use a Tan Extender.

What should I wear?

It's really up to you. As a general rule of thumb: Wear what you feel comfortable in, whether that be dark coloured bathers, your own briefs, the disposable g-string we provide you or go nude.

As far as what to wear after your spray tan, please bring with you to your appointment loose clothing together with thongs to wear afterwards. Any tight clothing such as bra's, leggings and tight singlets can rub on your skin while your tan is developing leaving uneven results.

What can I do afterwards to make my spray tan last?

  • It is recommended that you do not shower, swim, or do any physical activity that may cause perspiration, or apply products to their skin during the development time right after your tan (2-8hrs).

  • After the development time you may shower, however it is most important that this first shower is QUICK – just a quick rinse for no more than 30 seconds with water only, (no products, no washing of hair, using body wash etc) The next day's shower, you may use products as normal.

  • NOTE: It is normal for some residual bronzer to rinse off during this first shower leaving a lighter tan than when first applied, however the colour will continue to develop over the next few hours.

  • After showering, pat your skin dry with your towel rather than rub so as not to prematurely fade the tan.

  • Do not apply any moisturiser or body products until the following day.

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