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Our lash lifts will boost your natural lashes from the root, giving the appearance of longer, curled lashes. 

Your lashes will stay lifted for roughly 8 weeks, then start to slowly drop. You can get your lashes done again around 10 week or when they have become straight again.

Lash Botox is highly recommended after a Lash Lift to help repair the protein bonds that are broken during the lift process. It deeply repairs and rehydrates the hairs resulting in stronger, smoother lashes with a visibly nicer grow out.

Check out our FAQ on Lash Lifts here.

Lash Lift Only


Lash Lift and Tint


Ultimate Lash Lift & Brow Jelly Mask with Lash Botox Treatment & Tint


Add on Lash Botox, Brow Jelly Mask & Collagen Eyepads


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