Meet the Team

The amazing team that keeps you looking gorgeous



Everyone this is our manager at Brazilian Body, Beth.
She's a bright ray of sunshine here at the salon, always with a beautiful smile and happy to help with whatever you might need. We’re thankful for the many years of experience and skills she brings to the salon as she joins the Brazilian Body family with a wealth of beauty knowledge. She has beautiful smile that lights up a room and we are so blessed to have her work with us. 



Everyone this is our the longest serving staff member here at Brazilian Body, Taylor! 
If you haven't met her before let me tell you, I’m so excited to introduce her to you, because if she isn't already in your life then that needs to change! Taylor has been with us almost since the start of the salon, 7ish years ago, as a fresh-faced work placement while studying Beauty. She's is super hard working, always doing the little bits and pieces around the salon that need doing that keep the place running. 



When Ebonni started we knew the first day she was a perfect fit for our little salon family, she just fit right in like she had always been working here (even when she was thrown into the deep end at the start - sorry Eb) She's always thinking of her clients and what would make them happy and it's her happy and bright personality that just makes you feel at ease Ebonni is truly a joy to be around and makes it a pleasure to come to work every single day.



Candice has the most beautiful personality, so kind and gentle. She's also the super tall one here at the salon, always getting stuff from the top shelf for the shorties. A a therapist she always strives for nothing but the best for her clients, all she cares about is making them happy and will bend over backwards for them. She is just the sweetest, caring person. She is a true asset to the growing Brazilian Body team.



Emily is currently with us for work placement. She is studying towards being a dermal clinician so you'll see her on reception a lot. Emily super talented and truly a joy to be around. She started here mid covid and has just been a lifesaver for the salon.



Sarah is the owner of Brazilian Body, having started the salon back in 2011. Today her main focus is helping her team to grow and be the best they can be. She loves nothing more that a salon reno and is always looking for ways to improve the salon for our beautiful clients.