This kit contains everything you need to get rid of unwanted body hair.
The Waxxxie sensitive Salon Wax is a super easy to use wax that you simply warm up in the microwave, apply, and peel off!
The kit comes with one wooden spatula but we know that you'll need more than just one so we have included a pack of wooden spatulas for you to use as well a soothing tea tree lotion to apply afterwards.
Tea tree is the best product to apply on your skin after hair removal as it's a natural antiseptic so it will keep your follicles free of germs and bacteria that can cause ingrown hairs.




Tea Tree Body Lotion 250ml

Pack of medium (100 pack) or small (50 pack) spatulas

Waxaway Peel Off Salon Wax Kit

Waxing Essentials Pack - Sensitive/hypoallergenic Blue Box

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