Dry Tanning Oil is a Holy Grail product for tanners! A quick to apply tanning oil that does not require wash off! Enriched with Moroccan Argan Oil, Coffee Extract, Centella, Coconut Oil and Vitamin E, Dry Tanning Oil will help your inner goddess glow!

Liquid Bronze Self Tan Oil

  • Colour Medium/Dark



  • For best results mist oil evenly onto skin and blend using a Techno Tan application mitt. Use sparingly on the knees, ankles, heels and elbows or any dry areas. Allow for oil to dry for a few minutes before dressing. If a darker tan is preferred, reapply after 30min. You can leave this tan on all day but if you are washing, the longer you leave it on for the darker it will go.


    Tip: The instant bronzer in this isn't dark as it's meant to be put on and worn for the day, so don't overapply when first applying thinking it isn't dark enough, it will devlop.